Skin Deep – the Musical

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Worried that your body isn’t perfect? Then ‘SKIN DEEP’’ is for you. Yes, YOU! It’s the ultimate look at a subject that obsesses us all: BODY IMAGE.
Too fat? Too thin? Never exercised? Gym crazy? Addicted to diets? Hate how you look in the nude?
This musical revue has a song for every hang-up, including ‘EMBARRASSING BODIES’, ‘LET IT ALL HANG OUT’, and ‘DOES MY BUM LOOK BIG IN THIS?’
Our sensational female star and her four boys explore why we don’t all look like Amanda Holden and David Beckham, and celebrate the funny (and vulnerable) side of bodies. Join us for a riotous evening of fun, flesh and fabulous song.
A Try-Out of the show premiered at the Edinburgh Festival starring faith Brown and received excellent reviews
The show was nominated in four categories in the MTM Musical Theatre Awards – presented alongside the Scotsman Fringe First awards
UK Best Composer
UK Best Lyricist
UK BestMusical Production
The Dress Award for Best New Musical
“This fast-moving show is a delightful capsule musical comedy” The Stage
“Hilariously unbelievable… clever and riotously funny” Edinburgh Evening News
“A really excellent musical theatre revue… a show for anybody with a body” Musical Stages
A three week run of the adapted and extended two-act version ran at Stockwell Playhouse in July 2017 and again got brilliant reviews!
“This show is a treat … at its heart is the firm belief that we are all gorgeous… a riotous evening is on the cards.” BOYZ Magazine

“A riotous evening… Highlights included an ode to the hellish experience of working out (The Gym), a woman’s shopping trip (Does My Bum Look Big In This?) and a strip tease set to Hamlet’s soliloquy, which was one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year.” West End Wilma

“A Chorus Line meetsMrs Henderson Presents in this joyous and uplifting production.” Last Minute Theatre Tickets

“top quality, naughty but nice, kinky yet perfectly innocent, sheer fun adult entertainment. Not to be missed. Musical Theatre Review

the show is professionally presented with considerable technical finesse…..under the surface is a powerful and very funny show Act Drop UK

All our wonderful reviews can be found online – note that the previous title was ‘BOYS IN THE BUFF’. We have rebranded the show so that it appeals to as wide an audience as possible.

The Crumple Zone

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LAMBCO Productions proudly presents the British Premiere
The Crumple Zone
by Buddy Thomas

Directed by Robert McWhir
Technical Design – Richard Lambert
Production Assistants – Angie Lawrence and Joseph Thomas
Stage Managers – Joseph Thomas and Helen Sterling
Construction and Crew – Tom and Ollie Baum, Connor Morris, Seb Money, Joseph Thomas
Casting – Robert McWhir and Richard Lambert via Casting Call Pro
Performance Rights – Samuel French

Clapham Omnibus, 19th to 23rd December 2016
Pleasance Stagespace, 27th to 29th December 2016

Taking place in a Staten Island apartment over the Christmas holiday season, this hilarious comedy gives a fly-on-the-wall perspective when four friends and a mystery visitor find themselves in just one apartment.

There’s fighting, laughter, bad decisions, bickering, mistakes, ambition, Season’s Greetings, love triangles and plenty of honesty.

Samuel Tucker plays Terry, long-suffering and looking for love. Jack Armstrong is Buck, handsome and adorable. Tim Jennings plays Matt, the naive boy on tour enduring a long-distance love affair. Kit Loyd, playing Alex, wants more from his life. Myles Rogerson as Roger is a blue-collar man dangerously confident who completes this hot young cast.

This is the play to see! This is how a sleepover should be.
Makes Big Brother look like Enid Blyton!

Watch as close friends transform an apartment into The Crumple Zone!
This seasonal gem of a comedy is perfectly poised to provide a great night

Samuel Tucker as Terry
Jack Tompkins as Buck
Tim Jennings as Matt
Myles Rogerson as Roger
Kit Loyd as Alex

The Crumple Zone Reviews

The Crumple Zone Pics
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Twitter: @LAMBCO Productions      #crumplezone

Do you have a Secret Crush Reviews

5 Stars, Gay Times

5 Stars Boyz Online Scene Magazine, Page 36

4 Stars London Theatre1

4 Stars Gay UK Magazine
Gay UK Magazine

4 Stars, Jack the Lad Magazine
Jack the Lad Review

3 Stars Express
The Express

“This camp, colourful, and consummately comic production is based on a true story that has a devastating sting in its tail”

“Author Ronnie Larsen has taken a real-life drama and transformed it into a captivating narrative – one that is painted with broad comedic strokes for the most part, but is also capable of suitable gravitas and reflection when required”.

“Dave Lynn gives a bravura performance and gifts a real sense of 90’s magic to proceedings. Despite it being a solitary anachronistic anomaly, his rendition of ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ is a triumphant highlight. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to witness a true star so thriving in their element”

“The whole piece is exceptionally well cast”

“Rich Watkins displays nuance, depth, and a magnificent arse in the nude sex scene – an artiste with real skill and, doubtless, a bright future”

“Camp counterpart Stanley – performed with precision mincing by Chris Britton – is another brilliantly realised portrait, with Britton allowing us flashes of a real vulnerable human beneath the gaudy exterior of effeminate excess”.

“Many of the biggest laughs of the night belong to Louie Westwood as Brian – the acidly acerbic make-up and costume supervisor on the Jill Johnson Show. Westwood is a complete master of the bitchy put-down and flamboyantly steals the stage whenever he’s on it. An absolute theatrical star, Westwood is one to watch”.

“There’s also comic brilliance from Ruth Peterson as Jill Johnson herself – totally nailing the 90’s chat-show vibe with fierce flair”.

“a hugely enjoyable and consistently entertaining piece of theatre”

“go and appreciate being surprised by the twists and turns of this sublime slice of 90’s mayhem”

“Director Robert McWhir has put together a small masterpiece to be savoured – enjoy”.

“there are some laugh-out-loud punchlines in the jollity of everyday activity”

“a nice reminder that positives can be found whatever station of life we find ourselves in”

“Louie Westwood as Brian gives a suitably hammed up performance”

“a nice touch of fourth-wall breaching courtesy of Jill Johnson (Ruth Petersen) as we become, for a brief period, her chat show’s studio audience”

“Refreshingly, the show goes deeper than a show with a drag queen and daytime talk show host could reasonably be expected to”

“The choice of music used throughout the play underlines the era in which it is set”

“The company is well cast”

“Dave Lynn’s vocals rather charming and appealing”

“some stand out supporting performances from Helen Stirling’s Mom and Sarah Day’s Karen, the latter being the innocent victim of circumstances beyond her control – an aptly emotional late scene was poignant and powerful”.

“There’s a selfishness in being carefree and the pursuit of personal gratification displayed in the play that certainly gave me something to ponder on”

“a satisfying evening for those who like their shows multi-layered”.

Do you have a Secret Crush (Sleeping with Straight Men)?

Do you have a Secret Crush (Sleeping with Straight Men)?
Written by Ronnie Larsen

Who hasn’t had a secret crush at some point in their lives?

Stanley certainly has. A young man living with his mom in a mobile home on a trailer park, he dreams of escaping to a big city, becoming famous and falling in love. His dreams are a far cry from living in Pontiac, Michigan, and running a follow-spot in a local cabaret nightclub.

When an advert comes on television for guests to be flown 1st class to New York City to reveal their secret crush he jumps at the chance, jumps in the limo, jumps on a plane and jumps himself centre frame into the bright lights of the TV interview couch.

The comedy described as “moistly hilarious“!

But is this what he really wants? Can TV chat shows go too far? Is it a good idea to reveal your secrets on national TV? In this hilarious comedy based on true events come see what happens when Stanley does just that!

This play is presented on the 21st anniversary of an event that should never be forgotten!

Tuesday 2nd August to Sunday 21st August 2016 at the Lost Theatre

Do you have a Secret Crush (Sleeping with Straight Men)? Reviews

Do you have a Secret Crush (Sleeping with Straight Men)? Pics


Sally – Dave Lynn
Stanley – Chris Britton
Lee – Richard Watkins
Brian – Louie Westwood
Mom – Helen Stirling
Jill Johnson – Ruth Petersen
Judy – Lucy Dobson
Karen – Sarah Day

Directed – Robert McWhir
Choreographer – Robbie O’Reilly
Designer – Jennifer Browne
Lighting Designer – Richard Lambert
Video Consultant – Maximilien Spielbichler
Costume Designer – Paul Nicholas Dyke
Photography and Graphic Design – PND Photography
Programme Layout – Tom van de Bospoort
Production Assistant – Hannah Fisher
Production Assistant – Angie Lawrence
Crew – Luke Pilla, Conor Morris, Nigel Bennett
Gun Training – Ken Bereen
Website – Piotr Glabicki

Ben Newsome Casting
Mark Magill and the staff at the Lost Theatre
Chrissy Angus and the the Gate Theatre
Noel Roly Smith of GLP

Sincerely Yours

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Sincerely Yours
written by Sarah O’Connor

Landor Theatre, 70 Landor Road, London SW9 9PH
Wednesday 15th July – Sunday 19th July 2015

Inspired by the Poppies displayed at the Tower of London last year, which had an unprecedented public appreciation. The poppies represented the British heroes who battled and gave their lives to defend our freedoms. Although they commemorated the soldiers lost in the 1st World War, they had significance and relevance to all of us today.

Everybody did their bit for the war effort and the British population rallied. With such great courage on the front line, whilst those back home toiled away to keep the home fires burning. It was an era of stiff upper lip: no matter the personal tragedy, a brave and smiling face would resolutely present front and centre to the World.

Sincerely Yours brings to life some of the backstage dramas overcome by an entertainment troupe when they are dispatched to help the war effort.

Amazing songs that have withstood the test of time, an era of grace and fortitude, songs and dance to uplift your spirits – and of course, the show must always go on!

Such classics as We’ll Meet Again, White Cliffs of Dover, Chattanooga Choo Choo, and 19 others that lift your spirits while on a roller coaster that offers glimpses from a different era and culture. Indulgent nostalgia presented for entertainment.

This new production Sincerely Yours, presented by LAMBCO Productions, has been written by Sarah O’Connor. 12 months researching the entertainment troupes of the 2nd World War brought to life right here.

This musical has been created by the multi-award winning team from the Landor Theatre. Previous collaborations have included The Clockmaker’s Daughter, Damm Yankees, and Next Thing You Know, and Title of Show to name just a few.

Production Pics from Sincerely Yours

Directed by Robert McWhir
Written by Sarah O’Connor
Musical Director – Michael Webborn
Choreographer – Robbie O’Reilly
Lighting Designer – Richard Lambert
Video Designer – Maximilien Spielbichler
Graphic Design – PND Photography
Marketting – Paul Nicholas Dyke
Box Office and Programme – Robert Cook

Dorothy – Serena Giacomini
Betty – Sarah Goggin
Joan – Lucinda Withers
Margaret – Jennifer Sims
Janet – Sarah Day
Ronald – Carl Mullaney
Larry – Jeff Raggett
Robert – Callum Tempest
Michael – Carlton Venn

With Clare Gill, Chloe Eastwood, Abby Rose Bryant, Ellie Bennett, Joshua Clare and Mark Woodford

Aladdin and his Magic Ring

an Adult Gay Pantomime coming to a Central London Venue in December 2017

details to follow

Truth Faith Love

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an explosive adventure of hearts & minds
by Sebastian Michael

Elder Latimer is here to talk about the truth.
But when the young Mormon lands in London fresh from the States, his world of absolutes starts to crumble. He falls in love with Dina, a young Muslim who’s even more convinced of her faith than he is of his, and the big questions of Love, Truth and Faith take on a whole new meaning. While he is beginning to see things in the new light of a new city, Dina’s determination to do what she knows is
right has no bounds. Can love conquer all? Can reason?

Premiered at Arcola Theatre in 2009, Elder Latimer is in Love (which thus predates The Book of Mormon by several years) “provides a fresh and varied take on tensions apparent in contemporary societies” [kultureflash] as “The Buddha of Suburbia meets Brideshead Revisited in a very modern retelling set in multicultural London” [The Stage].

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