Truth Faith Love

Truth Faith Love

an explosive adventure of hearts & minds
by Sebastian Michael

Elder Latimer is here to talk about the truth.
But when the young Mormon lands in London fresh from the States, his world of absolutes starts to crumble. He falls in love with Dina, a young Muslim who’s even more convinced of her faith than he is of his, and the big questions of Love, Truth and Faith take on a whole new meaning. While he is beginning to see things in the new light of a new city, Dina’s determination to do what she knows is
right has no bounds. Can love conquer all? Can reason?

Premiered at Arcola Theatre in 2009, Elder Latimer is in Love (which thus predates The Book of Mormon by several years) “provides a fresh and varied take on tensions apparent in contemporary societies” [kultureflash] as “The Buddha of Suburbia meets Brideshead Revisited in a very modern retelling set in multicultural London” [The Stage].

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