Skin Deep – the Musical

Skin Deep – the Musical

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Worried that your body isn’t perfect? Then ‘SKIN DEEP’’ is for you. Yes, YOU! It’s the ultimate look at a subject that obsesses us all: BODY IMAGE.
Too fat? Too thin? Never exercised? Gym crazy? Addicted to diets? Hate how you look in the nude?
This musical revue has a song for every hang-up, including ‘EMBARRASSING BODIES’, ‘LET IT ALL HANG OUT’, and ‘DOES MY BUM LOOK BIG IN THIS?’
Our sensational female star and her four boys explore why we don’t all look like Amanda Holden and David Beckham, and celebrate the funny (and vulnerable) side of bodies. Join us for a riotous evening of fun, flesh and fabulous song.
A Try-Out of the show premiered at the Edinburgh Festival starring faith Brown and received excellent reviews
The show was nominated in four categories in the MTM Musical Theatre Awards – presented alongside the Scotsman Fringe First awards
UK Best Composer
UK Best Lyricist
UK BestMusical Production
The Dress Award for Best New Musical
“This fast-moving show is a delightful capsule musical comedy” The Stage
“Hilariously unbelievable… clever and riotously funny” Edinburgh Evening News
“A really excellent musical theatre revue… a show for anybody with a body” Musical Stages
A three week run of the adapted and extended two-act version ran at Stockwell Playhouse in July 2017 and again got brilliant reviews!
“This show is a treat … at its heart is the firm belief that we are all gorgeous… a riotous evening is on the cards.” BOYZ Magazine

“A riotous evening… Highlights included an ode to the hellish experience of working out (The Gym), a woman’s shopping trip (Does My Bum Look Big In This?) and a strip tease set to Hamlet’s soliloquy, which was one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year.” West End Wilma

“A Chorus Line meetsMrs Henderson Presents in this joyous and uplifting production.” Last Minute Theatre Tickets

“top quality, naughty but nice, kinky yet perfectly innocent, sheer fun adult entertainment. Not to be missed. Musical Theatre Review

the show is professionally presented with considerable technical finesse…..under the surface is a powerful and very funny show Act Drop UK

All our wonderful reviews can be found online – note that the previous title was ‘BOYS IN THE BUFF’. We have rebranded the show so that it appeals to as wide an audience as possible.

Sincerely Yours

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Sincerely Yours
written by Sarah O’Connor

Landor Theatre, 70 Landor Road, London SW9 9PH
Wednesday 15th July – Sunday 19th July 2015

Inspired by the Poppies displayed at the Tower of London last year, which had an unprecedented public appreciation. The poppies represented the British heroes who battled and gave their lives to defend our freedoms. Although they commemorated the soldiers lost in the 1st World War, they had significance and relevance to all of us today.

Everybody did their bit for the war effort and the British population rallied. With such great courage on the front line, whilst those back home toiled away to keep the home fires burning. It was an era of stiff upper lip: no matter the personal tragedy, a brave and smiling face would resolutely present front and centre to the World.

Sincerely Yours brings to life some of the backstage dramas overcome by an entertainment troupe when they are dispatched to help the war effort.

Amazing songs that have withstood the test of time, an era of grace and fortitude, songs and dance to uplift your spirits – and of course, the show must always go on!

Such classics as We’ll Meet Again, White Cliffs of Dover, Chattanooga Choo Choo, and 19 others that lift your spirits while on a roller coaster that offers glimpses from a different era and culture. Indulgent nostalgia presented for entertainment.

This new production Sincerely Yours, presented by LAMBCO Productions, has been written by Sarah O’Connor. 12 months researching the entertainment troupes of the 2nd World War brought to life right here.

This musical has been created by the multi-award winning team from the Landor Theatre. Previous collaborations have included The Clockmaker’s Daughter, Damm Yankees, and Next Thing You Know, and Title of Show to name just a few.

Production Pics from Sincerely Yours

Directed by Robert McWhir
Written by Sarah O’Connor
Musical Director – Michael Webborn
Choreographer – Robbie O’Reilly
Lighting Designer – Richard Lambert
Video Designer – Maximilien Spielbichler
Graphic Design – PND Photography
Marketting – Paul Nicholas Dyke
Box Office and Programme – Robert Cook

Dorothy – Serena Giacomini
Betty – Sarah Goggin
Joan – Lucinda Withers
Margaret – Jennifer Sims
Janet – Sarah Day
Ronald – Carl Mullaney
Larry – Jeff Raggett
Robert – Callum Tempest
Michael – Carlton Venn

With Clare Gill, Chloe Eastwood, Abby Rose Bryant, Ellie Bennett, Joshua Clare and Mark Woodford

Boys in the Buff

Boys in the Buff – the Musical
11th to 29th July 2017
LOST Theatre, London

This is the musical about body image in modern society.

Article in Attitude Magazine about this show: Click here

‘BOYS IN THE BUFF’ was nominated in four categories in the MTM Musical Theatre Awards – presented alongside the Scotsman Fringe First awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007.

UK Best Composer
UK Best Lyricist
UK Best Musical Production
The Dress Award for Best New Musical

Tickets available here

Diana Diamonte is the hostess of the evening, who inspires her ‘boys’ to explore something we are all interested in: bodies!

Too fat? Too thin?  Never exercise?  Gym crazy?  Addicted to diets?  Hate how you look in the nude? Then this musical revue is for YOU!

Diana and her ‘boys’ explore the nooks and crannies of their bodies and discover 101 ways to look fabulous, providing an inspirational evening celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes! This musical comedy is all about body image and our relationship with our own bodies.

You’ve briefly seen The Full Monty, you’ve heard Naked Boys Singing, you’ve winced at Puppetry of the Penis, you were amazed by The Naked Magicians, you’ve listened to the Naked Boys Reading, but finally it’s here, what you’ve all been waiting for, the full package: Boys in the Buff – the Musical!

It’s a riotous evening of fun, flesh and fabulous song.

SCRIPT AND SONGS by Chris Burgess
Additional songs by BB Cooper, Sarah Travis and Cathy Shostak


Sam Rayner – Director/Choreographer
Joe Louis Robinson – Musical Director
Chris Burgess – Writer
LAMBCO – Producer
Robbie O’Reilly – Associate Choreographer
Ben Newsome – Casting Director
Richard Lambert – Technical Designer
Joseph Thomas – Graphic Design
Angie Lawrence – Production Assistant



Bluebirds a Musical

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BlueBirds a musical

As the Blitz rages across London a plucky troupe of volunteers defies Hitler to keep their ENSA song and dance show running. But while it is all smiles and fun for the audience, the real drama is backstage as the war changes everyone’s lives forever.
Packed with 22 wartime classics including Chattanooga Choo Choo, Accentuate The Positive, Every Time We Say Goodbye and the inevitable White Cliffs Of Dover, Bluebirds is heart-warming story of courage and finding love where you least expect it.

Daisy’s quest to find her Bill, an Australian Soldier, eventually leads her on a journey to the Australian War Memorial to the Missing in France. Her wartime memories come flooding back with beautiful nostalgia and a longing for the days gone by.

Devised by Julian Woolford and Martin Waddington, Written by Julian Woolford
Produced by Richard Lambert for LAMBCO
Director Michele Blair
Musical Director David Barber
Original Choreographer Steven Harris

Samantha – Natalie McQueen
Daisy – Danielle Morris
Reggie – David O’Reilly
Peter Peters – Jayson Wheatley
Susan – Emma White
Joan – Amy Lawrence
Bobby – Luke Jarvis
Audrey – Lyndsey Dean
Doreen – Katriona Brown
Betty – Amiee Marie Bow
Amy – Hollie-Blue Huntsman
Virginia – Natalie McQueen
Jeffrey – Ryan Reid
Charlie – Josh Jones
Ruth – Shelley Payne
Maria – Alice Fusco
Understudies – Katie Lawrence and Alan Hunter

Production Credits

Director, Staging and Casting – Michelle Blair
Musical Arrangements and Music Direction – David Barber
Assistant to the Director – David O’Reilly
Original and Additional Choreography – Steven Harris
Dance Captain – Danielle Morris
Costume Supervisor – Katriona Brown
Set Design – Richard Lambert

Lighting Design – Michael Brenkley
Set Construction – Fabrice Arfi
Video Programmer – Maximilien Spielbichler
Stage Manager – Maximilien Spielbichler
Lighting Equipment provided by LAMBCO Lighting Ltd
Poster and Marketing Design – Jon Bradfield
(      Facebook : Jon Bradfield Graphic Design)
Marketing, PR and Advertising – Peter Bull
Programmes – Tom Hough
Photographer – Nick Taylor

Bluebirds a Musical Pics

17 August – 4 September 2011

“…..the energy and hutzpah of the company in the musical numbers is infectious”

Bewitchment on Black Ice

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived an extremely powerful woman… Surrounded by wealth and emptiness, her desire to exert control knew no bounds. Without the respect she craved, her quest for universal popularity was futile. Her heart was black and her compassion as cold as ice as she dominated the population, and imposed her every desire across the kingdom.

With her vast wealth she procured all the magic in the land, becoming both omnipotent and unquestionably formidable. Feared by all, unloved, and descending deeper and deeper into her own self-created darkness, her malevolence turned the snow as black as her mood. Now, the black ice serves to remind us of her omnipotence

This unique production will be the first time that any Off West-End theatre has done a professional show on ice skates using synthetic Black Ice created specifically for the purpose.

Devised and Choreographed by Nicky Scott
Directed by Robert McWhir
Musical Direction by Inga Davis-Rutter
Script by Tom Whalley
Designed by Richard Lambert and Max Spielbichler

Produced by Theatrica Ltd in association with
Hot ‘n’ Cold Shows International and LAMBCO Productions

Malevolent – Paulette Smart
Rumpelstiltskin – Jeff Raggett
Prince Deluded – Nicholas Chiapetta
Prince Charming – Ryan Forde Iosco
Prince Alluring – Chris Cauduro
Cinderella – Tara Smart
Belle – Ruth Petersen
Snow White – Chantelle ACourt
Male Line Captain – Ryan Forde Iosco
Female Line Captain – Ruth Petersen
Female Understudy – Kardine Gray
Male Understudy – Christopher Bailey
Captain Hook – Tom Whalley

Pics from Bewitchment on Black Ice

Bewitchment on Black Ice Reviews

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