LAMBCO Productions proudly presents

a new Musical Comedy
14th to 26th October 2019


Two good looking guys are made a curious offer: they can earn decent money from being ticklish. Really? Yes, it’s a sport; and ‘it’s not gay!’ Amazingly based on a true story, TICKLE – THE MUSICAL takes us into the strange, hilarious, twisted, and undeniably sexy world of competitive endurance tickling, where it’s all about laughing and lasting longest, but apparently not about lust.

This adventure brings two mates closer together, but is it too close for comfort? And who is ‘Tina Tickle’ who seems to hold all the strings?

Writer – Sebastian Michael
Director – Robert McWhir
Composer – Chris Burgess
Musical Director – David Eaton
Choreographer – Sam Spencer-Lane
Designer – Richard Lambert